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Our story

Petik Bunga is an upmarket and inventive florists specialising in event planning, and wedding. The business is based in Langkawi Island , the Jewel of Kedah led by Haas Jaafar. Petik Bunga provides gorgeous floral arrangements for all hotels in the island, events, walk-in customers ,weddings and more.

Additionally, La Parte Decorator is our Party and Supplies shop also performs as event/ party decorator strongly operating under one roof. However, La Parte Decorator was founded three years earlier. La Parte Decorator is the first and complete Party store in Langkawi. Many events were successfully and beautifully designed by the well experienced team . The business was born out of a passion for nature and creativity. We believe in our ability of making your event a Success !

Our mission

As a wedding florist in this beautiful Island, we create your memories as charming as the love you're memorializing, through the poise and elegance of fresh cut flowers, personalised to your style. Believe us to make gorgeous blooms for every moment along the way — from your engagement party and bridal shower to the BIG day itself. Our wedding flowers stand out for quality and luxury, making beautiful focal points for your event.

Do not bother yourself

Relish all the admiration, love, and stars in your wedding. You enjoy the precious time to participate it all. You breathe the journey, love strong, puff deep, dream big, and own the pleasure !




Why choose us

We genuinely believe that you obtain what you pay for... and we offer the greatest and unbeatable.

We are a multi-dimensional, complete-service designer offering artistically made floral designs and excellent client care. We maintain happy long-established relationships with our lovely clients, our reliable vendors and our own professional team with great knowledge and wholehearted creatives. We are all ears to your needs, and utilise our design expertise and wedding experience to create an extraordinary, significant design which reflects your preference or way as a couple and bring out a stunning setting for your remarkable day.

Why Langkawi

There are a lot of benefits at Langkawi island! In addition to the most important advantages such as: unique nature and wildlife, fantastic views of the hills and cliffs, the oldest tropical and impenetrable forest, a crazy mix of cultures and traditions. The most unusual plus is the versatility of the island: despite its small size, they will find service for every taste and a budget traveller and the most spoiled tourist. Backpacker, newlyweds, families with children, student groups, and demanding pensioners will be fine in Langkawi. Compared to most countries in Southeast Asia, there are clean beaches, clean streets, adequate traffic and there are pedestrian walkways. There are no crowds of tourists, but you can meet a travellers from anywhere in the world. Langkawi has excellent wide white sand beaches and a warm calm sea. It is believed that the high season in Langkawi is from November to April, but in fact, holidays in Langkawi are possible all year round.

Langkawi has relatively low prices, although many are convinced of the opposite.

Here are the best morals and culture that please after a visit without tower Thailand or Turkey with Egypt, as well as overly strict Muslim countries ... Transvestites will not pester young people, locals will not pester girls in miniskirts, but they will also not naked torso or short shorts no one will drag you. Well, and, perhaps, one of the main qualities of the island, it is safe. On a small island and the entire archipelago - a huge number of attractions and beautiful places.

Our top seller Flowers

10 Exclusive Hat Box Arrangement
Starts from RM 120 and above


14 Flower bouquet
Starts as low as RM25 and above


11 Grand opening & Condolences Stands
Starts from RM150 and above


21 Fruits Basket with Flowers
Starts from RM 75 and above



Our top seller balloons

21 Aqua Balloon Chocolate/Fruits + Flower Bouquet
From RM 175


20 Balloon garland/organic & Table styling
From RM 499


6 Candy Bar/Candy Buffet with Table arrangement
From RM 420


70027946 916651075367281 1795995112317124608 n Birthday Room Décor
From RM 290


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