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Monday, 04 May 2020

What to see on Langkawi island?

Langkawi Island is visited by many tourists from all over the globe, because the beauty of the local nature is unique. Mountains and rocks, tropical and mangrove forests, waterfalls, hot springs - this is not all that will pleasantly surprise the area. Also on the islands are several artificially created attractions and interesting places that deserve attention.

Langkawi is the most popular island of the 878 islands of Malaysia. More than 60 planes arrive daily in Langkawi. The total number of tourists is more than 4 million a year. The year 2020 in Malaysia was declared the year of tourism and the island of Langkawi was supposed to be visited by more than 6 million people from all over the world, but Covid-19 ruined all plans ...

The sights of Langkawi, although dispersed throughout its territory, are mainly located close to each other and in close proximity to tourist areas. Therefore, if you wish, you can always see all the beauties, even during a short trip.

TOP sights of Langkawi

Among all the attractions of the island of Langkawi, it should be noted:

  • Cable car and sky bridge (Matchinchang Nature Reserve);
  • Mangrove forest (Kilim nature reserve);
  • The island and lake of the pregnant virgin (Dayang Bunting nature reserve);
  • Crocodile Farm;
  • Fruits Farm;
  • Eagle Square;
  • Park of Legends;
  • Park of birds and wildlife;
  • Rubber plantations;
  • Museum of Rice;
  • Gallery Perdana;
  • Gunung Raya mountains;
  • Temples;
  • Durian Waterfall;
  • Temurun Waterfall;
  • Waterfall Seven Wells;
  • Handicraft Center;
  • Tomb of Mahsuri;
  • Hot Springs;
  • Butterfly Park;
  • 12 different beaches and much more.